What's Wrong with the MAZDA2?

There are complaints over 14 MAZDA2 model years. These can be broken down into 0 generations with their collective PainRank™. The higher the score, the faster you should run away.

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Recent MAZDA2 News

Seat Adjuster Problems Might Have You Lounging Down the Road

Mazda says a strength defect in the seat adjuster lifter links of 174,000 vehicles could suddenly put drivers in an awkward position.

Owners have reported hearing a rattle beneath their seats right before finding themselves lounging back or leaning so close to the steering wheel that even their Grandmother would be embarrassed.

They see me rollin' (From http://bit.ly/2ujefn3)

Mazda will recall the 2011 Mazda2, 2010-2011 Mazda3, and 2010-2011 MazdaSpeed3 to fix the problem. The lifter links will be inspected and, depending on their condition, replaced or reinforcement with brackets. The recall expected to begin March 31, 2017.

Loose Nuts and Bolts Can Cause a Complete Loss of Steering in 578 Vehicles

Mazda is issuing a small recall for a big problem.

[Mazda] says the front strut and steering knuckle can separate and cause what Mazda calls a “significant loss of steering control and increased risk of a crash.

Calling it a “significant loss of steering” is interesting. If your car doesn’t start, would Mazda call that a “substantial lack of combustion”?

Semantics aside, the good news here is the issue only affects 578 cars. Unless you’re one of those 578, in which case I doubt you’d call this good news at all.